What is Green Hosting?

Green hosting is term that could definitely cause some confusion at first. Most people know what website hosting is but when you add the term "green" to it then it often does not make a lot of sense. After all hosting is run on large computer based servers and anything computer related has to have electricity to operate (unless you count some technology that is powered by the sun). For the most part technology and the green movement do not really seem like they would go together. But what if the source of energy for the technology was completely powered by a green source?

This is where the term green hosting has come from. Due to the advancement in windmill (wind turbine) technology, the ability to power web servers and other technology has become quite popular. Even better is that this capability to harness energy from the wind has dramatically decreased carbon footprints and a multitude of other environmental issues. Green web hosting is definitely a thing of the future as more and more hosting companies switch over to this form of efficient and environmentally safe way to power their technology. Maybe you should give it a try too?