iPage VS HostGator - Which One Gives You the Most?

Comparing which company has the best web hosting services is often more of a technical jargon war and is hardly understood by the average reader. So let's do away with the technical terms and focus ourselves on matters understandable to normal people like the reliability of services, dependability of the support services, the pricing and billing policy as well as other features that could guide would be buyers.

Both companies have been in the web hosting business for quite some time. iPage.com was established in 1998 while Hostgator was started four years later in 2002. Both companies have earned loyal clients and followers and have good names and reputations to keep and to protect. Our job is to find out which one of them among the two provides the best services in the industry. Let's take a closer look at the two companies and compare their services the best we can to benefit readers and any possible potential clients.

Reliability of the Company

When we are talking about the reliability we mean the capability of the company to deliver the agreed services advertised continuously and satisfactorily to paying clients. Some reviews we see online can be a little deceiving simply because of the whole “if it is bad I will tell 10 people and if it is good I will tell only 2 people” mentality. While reviews can be helpful, they are often biased review because we do not get to hear both sides of the story. So rather than looking at how many starts somebody gave a company in a review, let's look at the company itself by its history and what is has done. Both of these companies have been in the business for over ten years, iPage for 15 years while Hostgator has 11 years under its name. A company indeed could not last doing business for such a long period of time if it has not already established the loyalty of its clients as well as earned enough revenue to sustain its operation. Both companies have shown that they are making honest money from of their operation as well as maintaining hundreds of thousands of loyal clients. In a nutshell, that's the best proof of a company's reliability.

Dependability of Technical Support Services

Another important aspect of the comparison is the after sales services. A product could only retain its value as long as it can continuously serve its intent and purpose. Web hosting services will most likely experience some glitches along the way that need some timely maintenance and debugging procedures. A few hours of interruption could have a big impact on the client's business operation. Both companies boast the best technical support services available around the clock and with enough phone lines, email support, live chat and other means of communications to timely address their client’s concerns. Host Gator has been the recipient of a several quality service awards from various non-profit organizations. It's proof that the company has excellent and dependable technical support services.

Pricing and Billing

iPage.com offers a single plan for a single price on its web hosting site which is a shared hosting service at the time of this writing. On the other hand Hostgator offers 3 simple to understand plans as follows; shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server services with each having a specific price. For fairer representation, let's compare the shared hosting plan of Hostgator and the iPage single priced plan promotional plan that only cost $1.99 the first term and is then renewed after the term expires at the regular rate. It's a catchy offer, but how much will you end up paying in the end at the regular rate without the promotion? Under the terms and conditions of the company and user agreement, the regular renewal rate is $7.95 US dollars per month. Of course if you sign up for a 3 year term then it will be quite a while before you have to pay the higher fees. While Hostgator offers a price of $4.95 US dollars per month without the promotional discount. If you compare the rates over a 5 year period back to back, you will end up paying $261.64 for iPage and $297.00 for Hostgator. Now in the defense of Hostgator, the longer you keep your hosting past the 5 year period the cheaper Hostgator will become.

At the normal renewable rate price, both web-hosting companies’ offers are good enough to create or build a website for a small to medium size business. There are no inherent advantages from any of the company in comparison; however, as your website grows and traffic increases, Hostgator’s offers are more transparent than that of the iPage. Add-ons and plug-ins prices with iPage seems to be more costly than that of the Hostgator. The cost of upgrading and up scaling a website is more transparent with Hostgator so that you know exactly what you will have to pay in the future if you decide to upgrade.

General Overview

In general, both web hosting companies are very reliable and capable of delivering high quality services to their clients. Both companies maintain top quality technical support services for their clients resulting in high customer satisfaction ratings; however, Hostgator has a clear advantage over iPage. When it comes to doing online business, Hostgator has more transparent pricing policies than iPage. But on the initial cost of building a website, iPage is clearly the winner with a $1.99 dollar per month during the first term promotional offer.


Looking at the whole picture from the point of view of a probable client, I would rather choose Hostgator than iPage for anything I plan on doing for the long term. Since the iPage promotion would only be good for the first term it's not very economically beneficial for long term hosting. As pointed out earlier, Hostgator pricing is more transparent, and as a client, I would not expect any surprises down the road if I decide to upgrade my site. iPage on the other hand could put me in a mess if I needed to upgrade my hosting to a better package and didn't have the cash to pay for it. Hope this helps you out.