HostGator VS Inmotion - Which Green Hosting Company Deserves Your Money?

In life we are always looking for the best products to spend our hard earned money on. We research the best cars, refrigerators and toasters out there using comparison reviews and web hosting should be no different. We are not always looking for the cheapest price but rather the price that gives us the most for the money. And t is always advantageous for us to make basic parallel comparisons among companies popularly considered among the best in the industry. So let us do just that and take a look at HostGator versus Inmotion Hosting to see which one is really worth your time and money.

For those of you are ecologically minded, both of these hosting companies are green energy compliant which means that they purchase renewable wind generated energy credits to cover 100% of the standard electricity that they use.

For a fair comparison, we will look at each company's regular pricing and promotional price on their similar featured web hosting plans.

Price HostGator (Hatchling Plan) Inmotion (Business Launch Plan)
Regular Price $4.95 $6.99
Rate of Discount 20% 14.3%
Discounted Price $3.96/mo $5.99/mo

By considering strictly the prices of both companies without going into other details, they are roughly two dollars apart but the Inmotion launch package does offer more . From the beginning it is important to note that HostGator offers a money back guarantee of 45 days while Inmotion offers a 90 day money back guarantee.

The regular price of the Hatchling Plan of HostGator seems pretty cheap when compared with the Launch Plan of Inmotion. To find out exactly why there is such a big difference in this plan letís take a closer look.

HostGator only allows 1 website on one beginner (hatchling) plan while Inmotion offers 2 websites on their similar version called the business launch plan. From a first glance it would probably not seem like such a big deal whether you have one site or two. But if you already have a great idea for a web site then what is the harm in having double exposure? That capability to have double exposure is provided with Inmotion Hosting from the beginning. HostGator offers an additional website setup capability on their hatchling plan for a fee of $2 dollars per month making the price and features of both companies much more even.

Another important factor that will guide us in judging which of these two green hosting giants is better is the overall performance of both companies. It is very important for a website server to be up and running at all times and for the page load speed to quick with no bumps or hiccups along the way.

InMotion boasts a datacenter with a solid web hosting infrastructure and developed exclusive Max Speed Zone software designed to accelerate the speed of their servers with an average test result of 237 ms for a test period of six months. To put it simply, the Inmotion servers are 43% faster than HostGator servers. They have the following configurations:

  • 20 gigabits of connectivity over a 10 gig Ethernet connection
  • Carrier-grade network core from Brocade
  • Dedicated management network to allow quick response to network incidents
  • Multi-layer redundancy that includes Provider redundancy via BGP multi hosting, LAN redundancy through layer two and layer three protocols such as 802.3ad and VRRP

HostGator rents from SoftLayer, a world class and modern datacenter with state of the art features that include a high level of security, optimum power and an efficient cooling system that ensures fast and reliable connectivity. This is the primary reason why HostGator is very confident in providing a 99.9% uptime to all its clients. In the uptime department, HostGator has a slight advantage and performed a little better than Inmotion.

In regards to technical support services, both companies are performing well beyond clientís expectations and have both garnered satisfactory ratings of over 98%. In this category both companies are pretty even so choosing either of the two should be a satisfactory choice.

It is very evident that Inmotion invest much money in technology and infrastructure so that they can provide high quality web hosting services to their clients and also invest to improve the technical skills of its technical support personnel. The company values more and relies more on its solid assets, modern and state of the art datacenters, development of high quality and reliable software such as Max Speed Zones and a highly knowledgeable technical support staff.

On the other hand HostGatorís strength relies on its reputation as high quality domain registrar and hosting company since 2002, however, it relies on a third party datacenter. Although their datacenter is high tech, there is still the lingering fact that it is not there center but rather a rented on. We are not really sure as to how that affects performance but all the same it is still what is.

Our personal opinion, based on the above premises, is that Inmotion hosting is definitely a few steps ahead of Hostgator in the technology department. If the price is to be considered, they are both pretty even during the first pay period but Inmotion will cost more in the long run once the promotion price ends. And they also are pretty even in the green hosting compliance department. However, when considering the future stability of your websites, it is better to be hosted by Inmotion for one simple reason, they own their own datacenters.