The Benefits of Green Hosting

Green had become synonymous with nature or environment friendly practices and processes in our modern day parlance. Going green had become the marketing banner of most companies with the purpose of increasing patronage and volume of sales. Yet, it's been abused and only used to increase revenues and profit. What's the true and real ecological friendly green hosting all about and why it has become today's marketing craze?

Green hosting as a suitable way of doing web hosting business can be beneficial, foremost, by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and other hazardous chemical to the atmosphere. Web hosting consumes electrical energy generated through the burning of fossil fuel, such as coal, crude oil and natural gas. On the other hand, sourcing electrical energy generated from renewable resources, such as solar, wind and hydro has the lowest negative effect to the environment.

Choosing a web hosting service provider that uses electricity generated through the burning of fossil fuel is indirectly a contribution to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This increases the earth's temperature directly which is a direct cause of climate change. As the Earth temperature rises, dry seasons have become more pronounced resulting in severe droughts in some places and the rise of the sea level due to the melting of polar cap ice that may later lead to the flooding of major metropolitan centers. Climate change also brings more severe tropical storms and cyclones, more intense snow storm and blizzards, and devastating hurricanes and tornadoes.

As the demand for more energy to power the ever increasing web hosting services in our world, the need to find alternative solutions to energy generation has become important. A study shows that a single web hosting server can emit the same amount of carbon dioxide that an SUV emits which burns between 14 to 16 miles a gallon. With several web hosting servers, which operate today, more fossil fuel will be burned to power them and tons of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases will be emitted in the air.

While we are now in the energy mix, the power generated through renewable resources remains to be low at less than 15 percent of the total capacity generated. As we go forward, the trend of going to green power generation is increasing so that by the year 2020, the power generated through solar and wind power will be doubled. A web hosting company claiming to be operating as a green hosting company could be hardly validated and verified when the power they use comes from a main power grid. As stated, the power distributed through a main power grid comes from the energy mix generated through the use of fossil fuel, nuclear, hydro and geothermal and other renewable resources.

In order to claim 100 percent that a hosting company is green it has to have its own source of energy derived from renewable resources. It should generate its own power needs through solar or wind power or from more costly fuel cells. However, that's not enough; the equipment should be energy efficient too.

Most real green hosting companies today use wind turbines. The question most people as is what could a wind turbine contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the air? In every kilowatt generated from a small wind turbine can reduce .26 kilograms of carbon emission in the air in one hour. One web hosting server needs at least 10 kilowatts of electricity for its operations, of which the reduction of carbon emission will equal to 96 tons in a year.

When we think about the economic viability of wind power, we wonder if business operations for a hosting company will be profitable. First, we should consider the cost of putting up the required equipment, the wind turbine and the electric generator. It is certainly costly and needs a bigger amount of capital investment. That's the primary reason why most web hosting companies do not use wind power in the generation of its own electricity. Considering however, the cost of operation, the company could save a lot of money. It does not need any outside electrical sources but possibly more personnel needed for its operation. Modern design of turbines and advancement in material technology as well as in energy storage has drastically reduced the cost for many green hosting companies. It allows the company to recover the initial investment in three years instead of more than five years which was the norm in the past.

While connecting to a main electrical grid is the cheapest method to get going, there is no assurance that the electrical power comes from green energy sources. Once the grid is in trouble, so with a web host server, unlike wind or solar which has a built in mini grid system allowing for a continuous power supply and trouble free operation.

Choosing a green hosting company is a contribution to the overall effort in the reduction of the negative impact of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is the concern of everybody to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas in the air in order to mitigate the adverse effect of drastic climate change. That's an important contribution of green web hosting companies in the fight against climate change and your patronage to them is your own way of helping in the overall fight to keep our planet green and clean.

Go for green hosting for a cleaner environment and help reduce your carbon footprint!