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Compare Between Different Green Hosting Providers

Many of our visitors are looking for a more narrow and detailed comparison between different green hosting providers. That is why we have selected below a group of articles that can help you in learning about the exact differences between each green hosting company to assist in choosing the perfect web provider for your needs.

10 Reasons Why Green Hosting is Important

  1. Green hosting provides the opportunity for the general public to make a contribution to the environment by using electricity dependant services which do not consume any non-renewable energy sources.
  2. One hosting server running on standard electricity from a non-renewable energy source can emit the same amount of harmful carbon levels as a vehicle that gets between 14 to 16 miles per gallon.
  3. Considering the rapid growth of web services such as cloud hosting and other Internet related services the amount of eco-unfriendly carbon released into the environment over the next 10 years could be the equivalent of adding over 100,000 large SUVs to our roads.
  4. One green hosting company that uses 100% renewable energy will save an equivalent of 500 acres of forest per year.
  5. Wind powered energy (which powers most green hosting companies) has the lowest environmental impact of any form of eco-friendly renewable energy available.
  6. A fully wind powered hosting company will save an equivalent of 5,600 barrels of oil per year.
  7. Wind powered or geo-thermal energy is less expensive than standard energy sources which is financially more beneficial for companies. This results in an increase of jobs and company benefits available.
  8. One Megawatt of wind energy equals 2,600 fewer tons of carbon dioxide released into the environment.
  9. As more people start using green energy hosting companies, other companies will take notice and switch their power sources over to more eco-friendly energy alternatives.
  10. If we all used green hosting providers around the world, imagine how much of a positive impact we could have on the earth’s environment.

Green Energy Resources

Below is a great list of websites that can help you find out more about green or renewable energy and how it can help our planet.

  • ENERGY.GOV - A great source to find out ways you can save on energy expenditure both at home and work.
  • GREENMOUNTAIN.COM - Why stop with just green hosting? Green Mountain contains a large amount of green energy products for both residential and business applications.
  • WIKIPEDIA.ORG - Find out additional information about Green Hosting and how it helps the environment.

The True Green Hosting Company

Surfing the Internet for most anything can often be quite confusing. Type in any major keyword and there will be tons of articles, opinions and forums that will totally contradict each other on what the actual truth is about any one given topic. We go online to find information and make more informative decisions but more than often we leave our online adventure more confused than we were to begin with. The same goes with finding a hosting company that is truly "green".

There is a lot of debate today on what actually signifies a company as being truly green or not. After all if a company decides to use green energy light bulbs in all of their lighting fixtures then does that make the company truly green? Where does the line begin or end when a company is able to say that they are indeed green?

When it comes to green hosting, consumers have to be careful about what they are purchasing if the truly want to make an environmentally friendly conscious decision. Some hosting companies like to say that they are green when only a half or even a third of the energy that they use comes from wind powered sources. To be sure about the decision and to make sure that your hosting platform is green all the way then you must do the research by asking the company to what extent they are using green energy alternatives.

Any hosting company recommended by Green Hosting will be powered by no less than 100% of renewable energy mostly in the form of wind power. Some of the companies that we recommend even have a 300% green energy rating which means that they have 3 times more green energy available to them than they actually use. Obviously as the company expands and gets bigger, it will have no problem in powering its servers or offices. When you choose one of our recommended hosting providers, you can be certain that you are truly making a positive impact on the environment and at a very reasonable price.

So no matter what decision you make regarding any green company, make sure that what they advertise is exactly what they provide. By doing so, you can support the companies who really want to make a positive impact on the environment which will also push other non-green companies to follow suit and do the same.